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From: Secret Dreamer
Subject: Fall Down and Smile-11Well, here I am! I made it and I come bringing Chapter 11! Wow! I never
thought this story would make it past Chapter 5. Thank you to everyone whose e-
mailed or visited the site or has done both. I really appreciate it :). You've
helped make this story what it is. And I want to say a big "I'm sorry" little angel lolita models
everyone who hasn't received a reply yet. I'm very, very sorry if I haven't
replied to you. I'll try to get back to everyone as soon as I can.For those of you who've seen the site : You all know that I have a 'jibberish'
section at the corner of the site. This time, it's not jibberish. It's
something important that I'd like everyone to read. It would mean a lot to me
if you could. Thanks.If you haven't seen the site yet, well here you go:
(I'm working on version 2 but it's still iffy)If you'd like to e-mail me : I'd really appreciate it.Chapter 11
"I miss you"
By: Secret Dreamer
To lolita nude or preteen see you when I wake up As soon as we walked in the door, Sylvia turned to me. "You should call
your parents." I stared at the floor and nodded. "I know." She handed me the phone and left the room, followed by James who was
bravely holding in his tears. Jonathan picked him up and held him while the
little boy cried. Adam followed them out of the room. "Why haven't you ever talked to me about your parents?" Dawn inquired,
sitting down at the kitchen table. "Because they're my adopted parents. I do love them a lot but the bond
just isn't there sometimes," I sighed. "They haven't seem James or Donny in
about a year, from what I know. This is going to kill them." "Do they know about.." "You? Yes. They knew about Gretchen too. Don't worry. You won't have to
hide any PDA," I chuckled, dialing my parents phone number in Colorado. "Hello?" my mother's sweet sounding voice came over the phone. "Hi Mama. It's me." "Iya! Darling! How are you?" she cooed. I wanted to tell her I was fine. That everything was wonderful and I had
called to see how she was doing. I gripped Dawn's hand. "Mama. I have some
news." "What is it, dear? Is Dawn alright? Is something wrong with the baby?" I chuckled. "No, everything is fine with the baby and Dawn." "What is it then, darling?" I swallowed hard and stared out the window. "Donny died this morning,
Mama." I heard the phone clatter to the floor and mom yelling for my dad.
"Mama? Are you there?" "Iya? Pumpkin?" "Hi, Papa." "Is it true?" "Yeah, Papa. It was untreatable this time." "Is James alright?" "Yeah. He's pretty shaken up right now. He was so brave. I'm taking him
to California with us after the funeral." "Are you sure that's wise?" Oh, Papa. Always doing what's best. "Yeah. Dawn and I are moving to
California. There are good schools in the area and we'll have the finances to
take good care of him." "But little nude polish lolita what about the baby?" "We have plenty of time. Dawn is only about two months along," I reminded
him. I heard him nod over the phone. "Alright. But if you need any help at
all. Just call." "We will." "Here's your mother." "Sweetie?" "Hi Mama." "Do you need us to come down there? We can get on a plane this afternoon
and be there by 9." At that moment, it seemed like the best idea in the world. "Would you?" "Of course, sweetheart! Where are you?" "Orlando." "Okay. We'll call you back with details." "Alright. I'm at Sylvia's." "Right. Bye dear." "Bye Mama." As I put down the phone, I noticed that I was shaking and
tears were streaming down my face. "Oh, Muffin," Dawn stood up and wrapped me arms around my shoulders. I
leaned against her and just cried. "I miss him." "I know. I know." My tears quickly subsided but Dawn and I continued to rock back and forth
in the kitchen. "Mommy?" I looked up and saw James standing in the doorway. Tears streaming down
his tiny face. I let go of Dawn and squatted down to the floor. "C'mere sweetheart." He started to cry harder and ran into my arms. I picked him up and rocked
him. His sobs were quiet but hard as he shook in my embrace. "It's okay, James. Let it all out." Dawn put an arm around both of us. Her hand running up and down James'
back, trying to soothe him. He snuffled. "Mommy?" "Yeah?" I whispered, choked at the sight of him crying. "You're staying forever, right? You promised you'd stay forever." "I'm going to. Dawn is too. Have you ever been to California?" He shook his head against my shoulder. "That's where Dawn and I live." "Will I be living with you, too?" "Yes you will. We're going to have a house on the beach." He peered up at me as a small smile crept onto his face. "I like the
beach." "I know you do. And you're going to have a baby sister." His face exploded with joy. "I am? Really? Where is she now?" "She inside Dawn's tummy. She won't be here for a few more months." He pouted. "But that'll take forever!" Dawn smiled and sat down in one of the kitchen chairs. "You can talk to
her, though." His eyes lit up. "Really? How?" I set him down on the floor in front of Dawn. "You can talk to her
through Dawn's tummy." He seemed skeptical but leaned forward anyway. "Hello, teen lolitas picture sharing baby. I'm you're
big brother, James. I can't wait for you to get here. We're going to have so
much fun on the beach! I'll teach you how to spell your name and the alphabet
and I'll make sure that no bully ever messes with you." I grinned and kissed the top of his head. "That was great, James." "What's her name gonna be?" he asked. "Tali Summer Hazel Moon-Reed." "I like it. Hazel? After my Hazel?" I smiled. "Yeah, after you're Hazel." He smiled proudly but his face sobered quickly. "Is daddy up in heaven
with Hazel?" I nodded and pulled him into my lap. "Yes. Daddy is up in heaven with
Hazel." He turned around and looked up at me with tired, sad eyes. "I miss
daddy." "I miss him, too," I told him. Tears welled up in my eyes as I brushed a
bit of hair off of lolita little girls ls his face. "You aren't going to die, are you, Mommy?" I hugged him closely to me. "No. I'm not going to die. Neither is
Dawn." His tiny arms circled my neck. "Good."*******You do something to me that I can't explain. Dawn, James, and I were standing in the airport waiting for my parents'
plane to arrive. It was nearly 9 o'clock and James was starting to doze off. Finally, the loading gate opened and passengers began pouring out. "Mama! lolita home kiddy preteens Papa!" I yelled as I saw them and waved wildly with James' help. I
could tell that my mother had cried most of the way here. They scurried over and hugs were exchanged all around. "Grammy, Grampy!" James squealed with delight. Papa plucked him from my arms and spun him around, much to his glee. "Hi, darling." I turned around and smiled. "Hi, Mama." I hugged her tightly, burring my
head in her shoulder. She stroked my hair lightly. "How are you holding up?" I shrugged. "Okay, I guess. Dawn's been helping me a lot." Mom turned from me to Dawn who was awkwardly standing in the middle. Mom
smiled and hugged her tightly. "Thank you for helping my baby. Welcome to the
family." I watched Dawn blush and hug her back. "Thank you." "Hi Squirt, don't forget me." I grinned. "Hi Papa." He pulled me into one of his bear hugs. I felt safe there. I always felt
safe when I was with him. I just snuggled against him and sighed. He rocked me
back and forth, humming in my ear like he used to. He gave Dawn the same
treatment and James found his way into my arms again. He was fast asleep before
we left the airport.*******I see your picture, I smell your skin on the empty pillow next to mine. My parents went straight to bed in the guestroom when we arrived. I stood
in the doorway of Donny's room. The smell of his cologne was everywhere. A
picture of him and James underage lolita thumbnail gallery
sat on the dresser. Dawn wrapped her arms around me. "You need to sleep." I nodded against her. "I just don't feel like it right now." She let go of me and walked over to the stereo. She found a CD and popped
it into the tray. The sweet sounds of Hanson's "Love Song" came through the
speakers. Dawn wrapped her arms around me and began to sway to the music. I put my head on her shoulder and sighed, letting her lead. It didn't
make me cry. But my heart felt light at that moment. I had what I wanted. I
had Dawn. "I love you," I whispered. "I love you." I ran my fingers through her short hair as my hand rested on her cheek. I
never understood what I did to deserve someone as wonderful as her. Maybe it
was something I hadn't done yet. I wasn't sure but I knew I would always take
advantage of all the time we had together. Her lips fell onto mine in a soft kiss. I'd missed those lips. Her
fingers slid up my stomach. I pulled away. "I-I'm sorry. I can't." She nodded. "I know. I don't know why I did it." underage prelolitas porn photos
I kissed her forehead. "Let's just go to bed." I pulled off my clothes
and slid underneath the blankets of Donny's bed. The pillow still smelled like
him. Dawn crawled in and placed her head on my shoulder. I wrapped my arms
around her and kissed the top of her head. "Good night, love." "Good night, Muffin."*******You have only been gone ten days, but already I'm wasting away. The funeral was the next day. I don't remember much of it, it just seemed
like a blur to me. Sylvia and Mama cried. Frank and Papa never left their side. James stayed
fastened around my neck and Dawn stood perfectly still, a bewildered look on her
face. Jonathan kept a reassuring hand on my back while his other was firmly
clasped in Adam's. I didn't really recognize anyone else there but they all knew James and
Sylvia and had heard about me, one way or another. I couldn't watch lolita little girls ls when they buried him. As he was being lowered, I turned
away. "Mommy?" "Yes, sweetie?" "I wanna go home." "I do, too." I cringed as each shovel full of dirt was placed on top of him. "Mommy, please, can we go home?" I nodded and turned to Dawn. "James and I are going to go back to the
house. Do you want to come?" Dawn nodded dumbly. I put James in her arms. "I'm going to tell Sylvia and Frank. You go
ahead to little nude polish lolita the car." They began the short trek back to the church. I wove my way through the
crowd until I came to Sylvia and Frank. "Hey. James, Dawn, and I are going to
head back to the house." Sylvia nodded and embraced me. "We'll be back shortly, too. This is
getting much to hard." I sighed my agreement and caught up with Dawn and James who were just
getting into the car. I climbed into the driver's side and drove back to the
house. James latched his hand to mine as we stepped into the calm, quiet
building. "I'm gonna go check my messages," Dawn whispered and sauntered up the
stairs. "I'm hungry," James said softly. "Let's go find something for you to eat, then," I tried to smile as
warmly as I could. I wanted to get that wounded and bruised look out of his
eyes. He followed behind me like an obedient puppy and sat down at the dining
room table. "Anything particular you'd like?" He shook his head and drew imaginary patterns on the table top. "You're not really hungry, are you?" He shook his head again as a few tears landed on the smooth surface. I picked him up and walked up the stairs. I'd seen a rocking chair
earlier in Sylvia and Frank's room. Thankfully, it wasn't locked and I went into the quiet quarters. I sat down in the chair and set James against me.He sniffled and snuffled as I slowly rocked him back and forth. His head
fell against my shoulder and his thumb found his mouth. I knew he was too old to suck the appendage but figured this time it could
slid. The child needed all the comfort possible. Soon his breath was slow and even. He had fallen asleep. I little angel lolita models slowly got
up, with him still in my arms, and got him back to his bed. He curled into a
ball once he was on the mattress. I tucked the quilt around him and kissed his
forehead. "Mommy?" he whispered. "Stay. Please?" "Anything angel." I sat down next to his bed and gently stroked his hair
from his face. "Iya?" I looked up and smiled at Dawn. She sat down next to me and draped her arms around my waist, her head
resting in my lap. "I just got off the phone with Caroline. Shooting starts
day after tomorrow." "I thought we had a month." Dawn shook her head. "I have to do all the scenes that I won't be able to
do later on." "Huh?" "Tali. When she gets bigger, I can't do some of the scenes." "Oohh, right. So when do we need to leave?" She little angel lolita models
sighed. "Probably tonight or tomorrow morning. Remember, we still
need to get settled in a house." I nodded. "So I guess we'll be in a hotel for awhile?" She shook her head. "I have some friends from college who moved to
California and are in the area. They said they'd be thrilled to let us stay
with them." "Do they know about James?" "Of course." "Okay. Let's leave tomorrow morning. I don't want to wake up James, he's
been through so much." Dawn nodded. "I'll call them and have them pick us up at the airport."
She kissed my cheek and left the room. I sighed and watched James sleep. His nose scrunched up and his eyelashes
fluttered. His thumb fell from his mouth onto the pillow. "Everything is going to be alright," I whispered. "I promise."*******But I need you to know that I care James thumped down the stairs, dragging his suitcase. "Mommy. I'm ready." I picked him up and Jonathan lolitas non nude pictures took his suitcase. "Alright. Go talk to your
Grandma and Grandpa." He nodded, hopped down, and ran into the kitchen. I bit my lip and turned to Dawn. "I have to do something. I'll be right
back, okay?" She looked at me questionably, but nodded. I grabbed my sweatshirt and ran out the door. I followed the same route I
had the night before and was soon on the beach, sanding squishing beneath my
shoes. I found the spot I'd been in and stood there. Waves crashed against the
shore as wind whipped through my hair. "Hi, how is everyone." I sighed. "Okay I guess. James is still really broken up. Sylvia and
Frank are doing okay. I think they were expecting it and had their peace." "They did. How are you doing?" I shrugged. "As good as can be expected I guess. I miss you a lot, you
know. I wasn't expecting this at all." "No one was. Not even me." "Have you talked to Mom and Dad?" "I saw them when I arrived." I nodded. "Good." "Everything is going to be okay." "I wish I could believe you." "You don't have to." "I have to go. Dawn, James, and I are leaving for California in a few
minutes. I just needed to say that I miss you and I love you and I care about
you. I know you can't do this very often but at least see James. hot lolita bbs site Even if it's
just in his dreams. He still needs his Daddy." "I don't know if I can. I already broke the rules coming here so soon." I chuckled. "Already getting into trouble." "And it's your fault. But James has two mothers now. He's gonna be okay." "But he needs his father!" "I'll always be his father but I can't help him if I'm not alive." I kicked a bit of sand. "I know." "Iya, he has Jonathan and Adam and there will be even more males that come
into his life and make an impact. More of an impact than I ever could. He
needs you and Dawn and everyone right now." "I know." "I have to go." "I love you." "I love you too. I never did stop loving you, ever. It killed me to see
you with Gretchen." "Even Dawn?" "No. Dawn is special." "I know." "She's going to make you a beautiful bride." "She's already beautiful." "Good-bye Iya." "Good-bye Donny."You do something to me that I can't explain. So would I be out of line if I
said, lolita little girls ls I miss you.--Well, we're leaving Florida, now. Soon, our family will be in California,
embarking on a new life and new challenges. I hope you'll follow them with a
loving heart.Don't forget to smile,
Secret Dreamer
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